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Wireframe Connectors Icon Pack

144 icons perfect to create the detail wireframe documentation for all your projects

Wireframe Connectors Icon Pack
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Compatible with
  • Formats and Size: 24px x 24px
  • PNG, SVG, PDF, FIG, AI, XD and SKETCH files included
  • Mobile ready: .svg and .pdf files right on your next iOS and Android projects.
  • Created as components, ready to use as a Figma Library for a faster workflow
  • Customizable: change colors and sizes as needed
  • Free updates: receive free updates and all bug fixes

Product Details

It has the more extensive library of connectors perfect to use as part of your next project. It has never been this easy to creative comprehensive UX and Wireframe documentation using icons.

This icon pack provides full control to customize each icon to make it your own. From wireframes, websites, apps and even for your Design System, this set is the perfect solution to achieve a successful project.
144 Icon Pack Wireframe Connectors is perfect for your next Design System, Wireframe, Website or iOS & Android Mobile App.

This product is perfect for you if...

  • You want to create in depth UX flows that map every part of your application
  • You need to create detailed documentation about interactions and UX flows
  • Need a compressive icon pack with icons for a wide variety of use cases
  • You are creating web or mobile app that needs a complete set of icons to be part of their Design System
  • Want to create wireframes and prototypes to share your early explorations
  • You want to refresh your product with a sleek and user friendly icon pack


October 21, 2019 — Initial Release!


Could you create additional assets?

If you have a specific needs about assets you can't find on any of our packs, please contact, we can work together to create any additional asset you need

Can I use the assets anyway I want?

Short answer Yes! But also you should have in mind the different licenses we have to be sure you are making a good use of the product. Feel free to contact us with any question.

Can I customize the styles of any of the assets?

Yes, absolutely! We created these assets with flexibility in mind so they can be used as they are, but also can be customize them to fit any brand or product.

Wireframe Connectors Icon Pack


Fancy Mobile App reimagined
Fancy Mobile App reimagined
Nearby.ly App UI Concept
Nearby.ly App UI Concept
Pinterest redesign using Bowcaster Icon Pack
Pinterest redesign using Bowcaster Icon Pack

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